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Founded in the spring of 2013 by an award-winning video producer, NolaVid has quickly become a sought-after New Orleans video production and photography company. We're a small group, and enjoy connecting with every single client. We combine talent, years of experience, and cutting-edge technology to produce stunning TV commercials, brand videos, photography and more. We take pride in delivering  high quality content, and in providing a smooth and enjoyable  experience for our clients.   

Max Cusimano
IMG_2383 2-3.jpg
max cusimano
owner/video producer/photographer

Though born in Louisiana, Max first picked up a cinema camera in California at USC film school. It was during this time that Max also found a passion for still photography. After graduation, he spent three years at director Ridley Scott's production company, Scott Free.  In 2010, Max started freelancing, and in just a couple years produced over a thousand videos for, countless landscape and stock clips for Getty Images, and Yelp videos for small businesses in the Los Angeles area. In 2012, he moved back to his home state of Louisiana, and set up NolaVid in New Orleans in 2013. Max was given his first photography show in a Magazine Street gallery in 2014, and his 2015 post-Katrina documentary, New City, was distributed by Amazon, where it remained at the top of the charts for New Orleans documentaries until it finished its run. Ten years after establishing NolaVid as a premier Gulf South production company, Max opened The Trails at Files Creek in West Virginia - a nature experience for creative production, events, lodging, and where a gallery of Max's landscape photography opens Spring 2024. His work has also been featured in Vogue Magazine, USA Today, Eater, PBS, and many other outlets. Max loves his small business clients as much as his large brands including Pfizer, American Red Cross, and Marriott, among others. Max prides himself on having produced content in at least ten states for clients from all over the world, and for having garnered millions of views internationally.

omar cruz saavedra

Omar was born and raised in Cuba where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography at the Superior Institute of Arts of La Havana.  With more than a decade of expertise in fiction, documentaries and advertising, Omar has the skills to produce TV commercials, online videos, films and social media content.  He is also a talented photographer.  From script development to camera operation and lighting, Omar uses his experiences acquired in big and small productions to add fresh and unconventional touches to his work. In his off-time, you can find Omar learning about new equipment and creating stories.

jozefina gocman 

Jozefina is a New Orleans-based Polish DoP. She holds a MA in cinematography and photography from the prestigious Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School. She is a member of Polish Society of Cinematographers. Her path in film is a journey through various European countries, Africa and Latin America. For over a decade she has worked on numerous narratives films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. She has collaborated with Oscar-nominated filmmakers, and showed her work in festivals all over the world. Color and light is her trademark - an intersection of vibrancy and simplicity. When on a project, she works the details to exhaustion. Preparation is her strong ally and she never leaves anything to chance.

kenneth desvigne
videographer & editor

Kenneth Desvigne is a New Orleans-based cinematographer and editor who obtained a Bachelors Degree in film & communications in 2015. With 11 years of experience Kenneth has shot, edited and directed feature length films, commercials, short films, and more. Kenneth is also a talented photographer and uses his experiences to add his creative touch to his work. In his off-time, you can find Kenneth learning about new equipment and creating stories. His passion is centered around bringing stories to life through the camera. 

jayson danziger
drone & helicopter pilot

Jayson is an FAA-licensed drone and helicopter pilot.  As our Chief Drone Officer, Jayson will shoot aerial video or photography for your TV commercial, real estate video, New Orleans and Louisiana scenic footage needs, your construction site and anywhere else he's allowed to. In addition to his work with NolaVid, he serves the oil and gas industries as a transportation pilot, and is also a flight instructor.  He has flown over the majority of the western hemisphere. His favorite place to fly is Alaska. 

Parker Rice
camera operator/assistant

Parker was born and raised right here in NOLA. He will soon graduate from Tulane University with a degree from the department of Digital Media Production.  His experience ranges from filmmaking and videography work within camera departments on TV commercials, sporting events, music videos, short films, and feature films.  Parker is eager to produce original content within "Hollywood South" and promote the further development of the city of New Orleans  as a hub of film and TV production. 

NolaVid contracts other video production professionals, including camera operators, event videographers, FAA-licensed drone operators, directors of photography, hair/makeup artists, video editors, sound mixers, actors, voice-over artists, production assistants and more.  Just let us know what you need! 

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